(gets one enemy card per win)
ドクトル --> Fight RANDOM
セメルゾ --> Fight Kuuga Titan and Kaixa
デンデン -->Fight New-Den-O Strike Form + Den-O Sword Form
マモルゾ --> Fight Decade Faiz and Den-O Liner
ソッコウ --> Fight W~Cyclone Trigger and Nigo
ツヨスギ --> Fight Kuuga Rising Ultimate Black Eyes and W-Fang Joker

ツヨイゾ --> Gold License?
スゴイゾ--> Silver License??
ナカナカ--> Bronze License?
ヤッタゾ--> Platinum License??
ゲキレツ--> Rainbow License???

(story mode)
アタック--> Gain 100 in attack?
イチゲキ--> Gain 100 in hissatsu?
タエヌケ--> Gain 100 in health?
テッペキ--> Gain 100 in defense?
スピード--> Gain 10 AP?
ラッキー-->(only in story mode, up Oiuchi・Migawari incidence)??
フッカツ--> (in the story mode only, the incidence guts up)??
ゲキアツ-->(up Gekiretsu incidence)??
タマルゾ--> Will make u easy to accumulate rider power
ポイント-->GP Rate increase
トックン-->EXP Rate increase